Karryn's Prison | Тюрьма Кэррин [uncen] [2022, ADV, RPG, Oral, Straight] [Jap + Eng]

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Karryn's Prison | Тюрьма Кэррин-
Year of release: 2022
Genre: ADV, RPG, Oral, Straight
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer/Publisher: Remtairy
Platform: PC/Windows
Publication type: Pirate (unofficial)
Medicine: Not required
Game language: Multi
Interface language: Multi
Voice language: Japanese + English-System requirements:
64-bit processor and operating system required
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: 3+ GHz processor
Video card: Not an integrated video card; DirectX 9/OpenGL 4.1 capable GPU
Disk space: 1 GB


In Karryn's Prison, you play as Karin, the new Head Warden in an infamous prison that's been in turmoil.
Will Karin subdue the violent prisoners by force? Or will the prisoners subdue her when resistance to constant sexual harassment wanes? This is a hardcore adult RPG with a unique combat system, light management aspects and a focus on group sex.
All sex scenes take place on the battle screen. There are no visual novel style sex scenes in this game.
Upgrade your prison and Karin's skills however you want with the Decree system! Fight or accept sexual harassment with the Willpower and Desire System! Become more and more vulnerable to sex with the passive system!
What Karryn's Prison Is and Isn't
Karryn's Prison is NOT an eroge for the impatient or those who want to get in, have a quick jerk off in a couple of minutes and get out. All sexual events take place in the combat system, and Karin will not have sex at the beginning of the game, being an inexperienced virgin who has never felt the touch of a man. It's not an eroge where you can download a "full save" and instantly access all the sex scenes, or force Karin to have sex with the first person you meet from the first minutes of the game, although she is a virgin with the first Whore Level. There's nothing wrong with wanting something that's easily available for a quick twitch in "those" moments, there are many different eroges on the market for that, including our picks, but Karryn's Prison doesn't aim for that.
Karryn's Prison IS NOTeroge, where the innocent protagonist turns into a complete whore after just one scene.
Karryn's Prison IS the eroge where the protagonist experiences a slow, painstaking change in her sexual values ​​and desires depending on what happens to her.
Karryn's Prison is NOT an eroge where you can spam wait/defend skills every turn to allow enemies to use their sex attacks and see sex scenes at the very beginning of the game.
Karryn's Prison IS an eroge where the easiest, fastest and most fun way to get Karyn to have sex is to play the game normally while learning it.
Karryn's Prison IS NOTa game that you should play with the thought "you can't lose a single battle." Karryn's Prison is NOT a game for those who perceive defeat and failure as something terrible.
Karryn's Prison ISa game that tries to lead you, the players, and also Karin, to defeat. Losses will be commonplace. Most players will probably get a bad ending on their first blind run. Losing is expected and fun for this game. Karryn's Prison is a hard game if you're playing to win, but it's hard not because the game isn't fair, but because the game isn't fair, if you get what I mean. Exploring, experimenting, failing, trying again are all part of the game and the learning process. Learn and master the game mechanics, and at some point the game will become so easy for you that you will lose battles and get bad endings on purpose for certain purposes, and you will WANT to lose after learning all the game mechanics.
Karryn's Prison is NOT an eroge where you can ignore all the tips and instructions that various NPCs in the game can tell you. Karryn's Prison, with its many unique game systems, is unlike any previously released game. If you do not study it, you can completely get lost in it and not enjoy the game. Knowledge from other games will not work here, until Karryn's Prison. While you are a beginner, don't intentionally drag out battles by constantly using defensive skills, otherwise the game will become boring. When you start to get comfortable in the game, you will be able to understand exactly whether it is worth dragging out certain battles, because you will already understand the result.
Karryn's Prison IS a game that rewards the time spent learning it. Karryn's PrisonIS a game that rewards experimenting with different game systems as you begin to understand how they work. Karryn's Prison IS a game that greatly rewards players for constantly jumping into New Game Plus to experiment and try out new builds and variations, though not necessarily for most players who just want to have fun and justify the cost of playing.
Karryn's Prison IS an eroge with lots of numbers and stats. And sexual statistics, and records. And more than four hundred potential passives that Karin can get in the process of conquering the prison.
Karryn's Prison is NOT an eroge where the sex scenes are always the same.
Karryn's PrisonIS an eroge where everything done and what happens will affect the context of every battle and every sexual activity. Decrees, passives, and how you guide Karin in battle all affect the dialogue and setting before, during, and after sex.
Finally, Karryn's Prison is a game that two hardcore eroge lovers have been hard at work on, with the aim of providing a high quality gaming experience for players who invest their precious time into the game
difficulty, at your own pace and reach the end.
Overseer Mode - Recommended for beginner Karryn's Prison players.
Prisoner Mode - Recommended for experienced players who want to master Karryn's Prison and/or see Karyn lose again and again.".


Sexual Themes include:
Explicit attire
Sex by one woman with multiple consensual men
Open, friendly attitude towards promiscuous women
Sexual relations with non-human species such as goblins, orcs, etc.
Drinking alcohol in a bar
Using drugs
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