If It Is Money - I'm In | За Деньги Готова на Всё (Only3x) [2021 г., Anal, Cumshots, Deep Throat, Gonzo, 2160p 4K] (Nilla Black)

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If It Is Money - I'm In | За Деньги Готова на Всё- Год выпуска: 2021 г.
Жанр: Anal, Cumshots, Deep Throat, Gonzo
Продолжительность: 00:34:54
Студия: Only3x

В ролях: Nilla Black
Описание: Its a sunny day in Tenerife and Gold Digger NILLA BLACK is waiting in the sunshine for some dudes to pick her up in a Ferrari. These are the kind of cars she likes and the men who drive them have plenty of money to burn. NILLA has fake tits and the kind of look that says "Gold digger" written across her face ! Along comes our stud, CHAD, who is perspiring with the heat. He drops on the bench beside NILLA - much to her disgust - and says he must have a drink. While jabbering away he fails to see that he is opening his can of juice in her direction. The lager spurts all over NILLA, ruining her top and pants. She is furious with this asshole. CHAD tries to calm her down and points out that he lives nearby and it is a simple job to pop NILLAs clothes into his washing machine and dryer. He is deeply apologetic. Since she cant be seen with her Ferrari friends all wet and stinking of juice, NILLA agrees to go along with him, but she is still suspicious.
Тип HD: 2160p 4K
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Аудио: AAC at 196 kb/s, 2 channels, 44.1 kHz
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